The Clinic

From 2013, everything I had done up to that point made sense in the scenic investigation and the possibility of developing new languages that would be different from the conditioning of the theatrical discipline, that could travel and benefit from different disciplines to nourish the scene. Motivated by this concern, I presented a proposal for research and scenic creation with Amilcar Borges, an academic from the University of Chile and Camila Karl, an actress from the same university, to the Juán Gómez Millas Bicentennial Fund of the University of Chile. Which from that moment it began to finance our Nucleus of creation and scenic investigation; Undisciplined body. Since 2012, I have been developing my thesis on the biopolitical constraints to which the actor is subject on stage. Based on the theoretical development of the La Clínica Research, we have obtained funding from the University of Chile to publish the book La Clínica (The Clinic), in which we reported on the indiscipline processes developed during the research, in which the co-directors of the project and associated theorists wrote. On 2016, we won a FONDART (Found from government) for our second research development; The factory.

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