2017 - The Ten

This scenic investigation develops from a house, weaving music, theater, dance and architecture. It can be understood as a site specific work or immersive theater. It covers a tour inside a house, through which the viewer is invited to be part of an artistic avant-garde group a night of any artistic gathering in 1920. In this work the viewer is part of the scenes, and he can even transform them. Through a circuit witch begins as a museum audio tour and progressively becomes a journey into the past, the public is initiated into this avant-garde group and invited to enter into the different temporalities that cross this space, entering into history, its characters and the experience of being part of the first Latin American artistic avant-garde.

The house from which the research emerges was built at the time of the Colony and was chosen in 1924 as the creation space of the so-called Los X (The ten) group. There, the first Chilean artistic avant-garde -contemporary with Dadaism- made the most irreverent artistic projects, as well as the political and educational dreams for a Chile that was just 100 years old. Today, a century later, a new group of artists entered this house to ask themselves and rethink the country's present, as well as the conception of art and the possibility of generating an aesthetic experience from an unconventional place.

Currently, the project is being postulated to be presented at international festivals and developed in houses wich since their historical, architectural and / or patrimonial value are interesting places to visit and in which this experience can be developed.

This project was developed within the framework of the stage management program promoted by Teatro a mil Foundation, its research was carried out in Santiago de Chile and during a residency in Germany during 2017. It has been financed and supported by the Santiago Foundation “Teatro a Mil”, Goethe Institute, “Experimental Enigma Art Foundation” and “Casa de los Diez Cultural Foundation - Alfredo García Burr”. Its premiere will take place during the first semester of 2018.

• Original idea and Scenic direction: Ébana Garín
• Assist director: Domingo Del Sante
• Sound universe: Diego Noguera
• Dramaturgist: Nicolás Lange
• Integral design: Tatiana Pimentel
• Performers: Diego Boggioni / Daniela Castillo / Moisés Angulo / Benjamín Westfall
• Production: Malicho Vaca